Organising Committee

Thank you to the volunteer Organising Committee.  If you are interested in joining the team, it is never too late.  If you think your skills and experiences could add to the below listed vacancies please email the Chair at


Chair:  Michelle Ashley (Australia)

Program & Papers Committee:  Dr. Suzanne Ehrlich (USA) & Dr. Campbell McDermid (USA)

Venue & Catering:  Stephan Barrere (France)

Registration:  Tracy Norris (USA), Christina Healy (USA) & Ben Matthews (Scotland)

Pre Conference Workshops:  Danielle Ferndale (Australia), Erin Trine (USA), John Bamidele (Nigeria) & Elisa Maroney (USA).

Sponsorship:  Debra Russell (Canada), Susan Emerson (Australia), Christopher Grooms (USA) & Alan Wendt (New Zealand).

Volunteer Coordination:  Shauna Jehle (USA) & Laura Maddux (USA)

Interpreter Coordinators:  Christian Rathmann (Germany), Chris Peters (Germany), Nigel Howard (Canada) & Susan Emerson (Australia)

Designer:  Christa Jonothan (Australia)

Website:  Patrick Galasso (USA)

Emerging Countries:  Hend Al-Showaier (Saudi Arabia), Samuel Chew (Malaysia), Susan Emerson (Australia) & Santiago Parra Gil (Colombia)

Social Events:  Ayesha Ramjugernath & Atiyah Asmal (South Africa)

Post Analysis Survey & Report:  Danielle Ferndale (Australia)